Bella Vita Body main objective is to offer the 
best Pharmacies essentials needed to cover all 
your needs. 

With the best ingredients, the most natural 
products with the best quality/price ratio. 
Nothing less!


Bella Vita Casa is Bella Vita’s new arrival in 
the family. Because there are the body, the spirit, 
the hunger and the thirst (!) there is also were 
we come from, where it all begins, our home, 
our haven. Once again, our desire is to bring 
you the most beautiful products on the market, 
very different than what we are finding now.  
Our products are as pleasant to look at as to use. You are surrounded by beauty and that is part of 
our wishes!



Bella Vita Grands Crus’s mission is to search,
seek and discover beautiful original products brilliantly done by craftsmen in love with their 
trade. Marvellous wines with undeniable good quality/price ratio, fine alcohols done with 
attention and patience. Remarquable olive oils 
and the best liquorice in the world! Amuse yourself for a long time... Bon voyage!