BRAND: Bella Vita


100% natural
Made in Québec
Contains 80g.
With small spoon for application

The BALM MIRACLE has been conceive for a complete care, as well as any parts wich may need it.

The Propolis (the resin collected by the bees on tree buds acts as a beehive sealer) has very strong antiseptic, antibiotic and healing characteristics. 

The Comfrey is a plant whose extracts has healing and anti-itching properties, which will soothe burns and bruise. On top of being highly moisturizing and nourishing for the skin, the Emu oil has healing, appeasing and antifungical characteristics. 

Castor oil (Ricin) is emollient, soothing, nourishing and fortifying for nails and hair. The bees wax softens and protects the skin by creating a waterproof barrier. 

The MIRACLE BALM also contains Jojoba, avocado, essential oils of lavender, geranium and lemon.

This BALM was also conceived to restore life to dried and used skin, to give it back its elasticity, to heal chapped, cracked skin and to strengthen dried, broken or too soft nails.

It will soothe burns and help the skin to regenerate itself, it will appease the itching caused by psoriasis or eczema and it will make your heels soft again.

One of the main caracteristics of this balm is also that it is an excellent anti-inflammatoryfor muscle pain, cramps and stretched ligaments...

It can also be use to protect the cheeks against frosbite during the cold winter months.

Used bygardeners, outdoors trade workers, construction workers and mecanics and fisherman etc...

Put a nut of BALM and massage it until fully absorbed. 
Start with a small quantity and add some if necessary.